Digital printing has come a long ways in just the last few years. These days, any image or photo can be rendered with full color graphics on vinyl or paper or just about any other substrate. No project is too big. Electronics City realized that they could utilize digital printing technology to highlight their top products, so they contacted the friendly experts at Citrus Sign Studio for retail store promotional posters for Orlando, FL.

What Is Electronics City?

Interior Banners for Retail Stores in Orlando

Located on South Orange Blossom Trail in the Florida Mall, Electronics City is a family owned and operated electronics store. For more than a decade they have offered a wide selection of iPods, unlocked cell phones, and digital camcorders and cameras along with accessories for all of these items. They sell all of the top brands as well as others at discount prices.

Hanging Banners for Retail Stores in Orlando

When a successful small business that has been serving our area for so long came to us for retail store product posters for Orlando, we were more than happy to help out. Electronics City has a very fresh and clean retail space. They wanted to showcase the latest products with graphics that would stand out from their dark ceiling but still fit in with the overall feel of the store.

The Citrus Sign Studio Solution

Promotional Banners for Retail Stores in Orlando

To achieve these goals, we used white backgrounds to instantly set the sign apart from the ceiling. We then rendered the brand names in black and included vibrant images of the top selling products, the GoPro camera and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. The posters were then custom sized to fit the ceiling height and printed out on our state of the art, large format printer. We then installed the posters to garner the most attention. In the end, we had another satisfied client.

Bests Uses for Retail Store Posters

Posters are an excellent way of letting shoppers know where you are located whether you have a shop on a street corner or in a mall. If no one knows where to find you, you can advertise your products all you want and not get anywhere. With a top quality exterior poster, you can advertise your address, website, and directions to your storefront.

Banners for the Florida Mall in Orlando

Now that people know where to find you, they need to know why they should care. What does your business have to offer? Whether you are having a sale, a special offer, or you just received a new product, you must generate awareness. To do this, posters both inside and outside of your shop are an affordable solution.

Once you have consumers in the store, show them where they can find the products they came for. Wayfinding posters are perfect for directing customers to your promotions and sales. They can also portray your offerings in a positive light to make them more enticing.

Are you ready to use one of the most cost effective methods to drive sales in your shop? If so, contact Citrus Sign Studio today for a free consultation on custom promotional posters.

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