Sign Maintenance & Repair

One of the most effective advertising tools you have at your disposal are your signs. With just a reasonable one time investment, you can let everyone in town know who and where you are. No matter how big or how small your company is or what industry you are in, you need top quality signage. However, not even the fanciest signs can help you if they are in disrepair. Fortunately, when you need sign maintenance, repair, or restoration in the Greater Orlando area, Citrus Sign Studio is here to help.

What Services Are Available?

Sign Maintenance and Repair OrlandoTo ensure your signs are a good representation of your organization, we offer a comprehensive list of sign maintenance and repair services. Some of the jobs we are often called in to take care of are

  • Adding Sign Protections – By adding graffiti resistant coating, putting on a coat of UV protective paint, or installing an overhang to shield your markers from the elements, we can make certain that your investment lasts for many years to come.
  • Retrofitting and Fixing Illuminated Markers – If you have a burned out light bulb, a pest has gnawed away at your electrical components, or any other problems have caused one of your illuminated signs to stop functioning correctly, you can call the friendly experts at Citrus Sign Studio to troubleshoot and fix your issue. Additionally, we can retrofit your neon or fluorescent signs with LEDs, a much more eco-friendly and energy efficient alternative.
  • Regular Sign Cleaning – Before your signs can have a negative impact on your enterprise, it is a good idea to have them routinely cleaned inside and out. By keeping dirt, leaves, and other debris from building up, this will extend the lifespan of the sign and prevent malfunctions before they happen.
  • Sign Refurbishing and Restoration – If your exterior signs are looking particularly shabby from being exposed to the Orlando heat and humidity, don’t just replace it! Give us a call first to see if we can find a less expensive solution by salvaging some of the materials and only updating the elements of the sign that need to be restored.

We Will Also Install Your Signs for You

You purchased a sign from an online retailer because they had the best price around, and now, you are left high and dry when it comes to installing it correctly. Don’t worry! We are more than happy to assist you with our sign installation services. Most of the time the warranty for a marker may be void if a non-certified installer is used, so it is crucial that you contact a professional. Plus, you probably do not have the pricey, specialized tools necessary to make your signs look great for many years to come. We do, and we will leave you looking spectacular!

Areas We Serve

Citrus Sign Studio happily maintains, installs, manufactures, and designs markers for enterprises all over the Greater Orlando area from our headquarters on West Sand Lake Road. Contact our friendly professionals today for a free consultation and estimate on our sign maintenance and repair programs and services.

To restore your sign to the sweetest signage in Orlando.  Give us a call, we’d love to help.

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