Wayfinding Signage

Most people envision plastic markers or standard metal plaques when they think of directional or wayfinding signs. For many facilities, these are encouraged by property management firms and building owners, and we are skilled at producing markers to fit any requirements. However, we also offer customization that boosts your branding while brightening up your office.

Popular Types of Wayfinding/Directional Signage

Building Wayfinding Signs Orlando

We can deliver the following alternatives:

  • Use images and lettering to clearly mark your restrooms
  • Based on building or complex codes, produce across the board precise designs
  • Lead clients to various conference rooms and departments
  • Match your marketing materials with custom colored markers
  • Add Braille to any wayfinding and directional sign
  • For brand boosting purposes, add corporate logos to wayfinding signs
  • Create attractive cabinet signs for indoor building directories

Directory Signage is Essential

Directory signs are one of the  most important types of wayfinding signage. We regularly get requests for:

  • Internal directories within a suite
  • Upper floor lobby directories
  • Main lobby directories
  • Elevator lobby directories
  • Lower floor lobby directories

In medical complexes where there may be hundred of doctors in one building, our directories are a hit. We usually suggest freestanding directories that list each physician’s name in alphabetical order as well as their specialty, practice designation, and floor number. On a directory near each elevator, we then give their floor number and the practice name. Then, when guests exit the elevator, there is another lobbydirectory that provides each healthcare provider’s suite number and an arrow pointing the way.

Areas We Serve

Citrus Sign Studio is proud to serve Orlando and all of the surrounding communities from our headquarters on Edgewater Drive. If you are in need of directional or wayfinding signs, contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

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