Digital signs are quickly becoming common solution for businesses to advertise their wares; many businesses are actually ditching traditional printed signs and upgrading to LED signs. While digital signs do have lots of marketing potential, it doesn’t mean that printed signs are useless or obsolete. Digital signs and printed signs have different uses and purposes, and cost can all play a factor in which option is the best way to advertise your business.

Believe it or not, the Ancient Romans and Egyptians used signs of carved stone or clay. Even during the Middle Ages in Europe, printed signs were used as advertisements for trade shops, pubs, and markets. Having been around that long, it shows how we have fared well with printed signs all these centuries.

But now that digital and LED signs are on the rise, should you upgrade to a digital sign or stay with a printed sign? It really depends on the type of sign you want to change as well as the purpose of the sign itself. Here is a quick list of what digital and printed signs are best used for:

Digital signs are best used for:

  • Running multiple advertisements or scrolling text
  • Displaying news
  • Attracting visitors with movement
  • Customer engagement via interactive touch screens
  • Acting as a “digital employee” to assist with answering questions, offering directions and product information
  • Businesses that have to update their products often (e.g. Menu boards for a restaurant in Apopka)
  • Showing that your business is modern & tech-savvy
  • Displaying promotional videos and commercials

Printed signs are best used for:

  • Saving money if you’re on a tight budget
  • Tradeshows and recruitment purposes
  • ADA signs
  • Directional signs
  • Signs that won’t need to be updated or replaced often (e.g. ADA signs in Walt Disney World in Kissimmee)
  • Vehicle wraps & decals
  • Construction signs
  • Specific events (e.g. Banners for sporting events, birthdays, & etc.)

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