When it comes to retail sales in Orlando, it’s crucial to have effective outdoor signage that can grab people’s attention easily. In addition, effective signage throughout your retail store can entice customers to buy more, or other products they may not have been aware of. There are different types of signage that works well for any retail store and chances are you have seen these forms of signage at the mall or at shopping plazas. Here’s a quick rundown of the top 3 retail store signs:

Poster Signs

Poster Stands work well in any part of the store. They can be placed outside to promote a sale or deal of the day. They can also be placed inside the store next to certain aisles or products to promote discounts.

Wall Posters can be used to fill up any blank wall space with a sale sign or special product you’re selling. They can also be used to help direct customers to certain parts of the store. Hanging Ceiling Posters work the same as wall posters where they can direct customers around the store and act as a “For Sale” sign.

Window Sign

Window signs provide information on promotions, sales, deals, & more. They are a primary way to attract customers in Orlando and they’re easy to install, remove, and replace. There are several different types of window signs to choose from: static window clings, window decals, and vinyl lettering.

Static Window Clings work like a sticker that can be put on easily and peeled off when you want to take it down. These are great for shorter sales or a sale that you may want to reuse.

Window Decals are printed on a single sheet of material and are great for putting images and logos on windows. These are great for longer term sales, or for a slightly sturdier material that will last longer.

Vinyl lettering isn’t printed but instead cut from a specific material and is best for putting letters & numbers on a window.

Exterior Sign

Exterior signs are one of the main retail store signs to attract visitors and establish credibility. They the first thing a customer sees when they pass by the store or look at the store from afar. Illuminated exterior signs, in particular, are a must-have since they can promote your business 24/7. There are 3 main types of business exterior signs: Dimensional Lettering, Lightbox Cabinet Signs, and Channel Lettering.

Dimensional lettering signs have the distinct characteristic of standing out when compared to printed signs. These signs, however, are not illuminated but can have light shown on them for a highlighting effect. You have most likely seen dimensional lettering used in mall stores.

Lightbox cabinet signs are a type of exterior sign that has your logo painted on a box, which has lighting inside it. They are very durable under any weather condition and are common form of signage used by outdoor retail stores on their building, often in shopping centers.

Channel lettering is a common type of illuminated sign that can be mounted onto buildings and walls with minimal drilling. In addition, channel lettering is affordable and can be customized in many ways making them versatile for business uses.

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