Channel letter signs and lightbox cabinets are probably quite familiar to you. Many businesses opt for these building sign options. However, the latest trend for facilities that want an elegant appearance is dimensional letter building signs for Orlando. Individuals who run retail stores, restaurants, law firms, professional offices, or other organizations are turning to this type of signage with increasing frequency. Fortunately, the friendly experts at Citrus Sign Studio can assist you in deciding whether these markers are right for your enterprise.

Materials Used for Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letter Building Signs Orlando

Some of the most popular materials we use for dimensional letter signs are:

  • Formed Plastic – Formed plastic letters are an attractive, inexpensive, and durable alternative. These letters are lightweight, usually made from recyclable plastic, and are available with numerous mounting methods, colors, and typefaces.
  • Metal – These come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and fonts. Whether you are interested in a brushed stainless steel logo, anodized gold aluminum letters, or polished bronze letters, these letters are a durable, highly effective, and professional alternative.
  • Foam – For exterior building signs, these remain the least expensive and most popular option. Since they can be up to four inches thick, these letters look substantial when mounted on your building. Depending on your specific project, we have foam of different densities to suit your needs.
  • Acrylic and PVC – Acrylic and PVC letters are the heavy duty solution. These letters are typically an eighth of an inch up to a full inch thick and can be router or laser cut to match your typeface. This is a great choice for address numbers.

Your Options Are Limitless

Exterior Building Signs Orlando

There are also several different techniques for manufacturing and mounting your dimensional letter sign. For businesses that want unsurpassed clarity so customers can read their name from far away, flat cut metal is ideal.

Based on the finished appearance you want for your marker, letters can be flush mounted or installed with standoffs. Standoffs add to the three-dimensional look. Plus, the letters can be illuminated from behind with LEDs when there are standoffs. This creates a breathtaking halo effect and improves the ability of clients to find you at night.

By picking custom typefaces and colors, you can boost your brand and drive sales. You can actively market your company while still remaining stylish with the right color and font combination.

Let Us Take Care of Everything

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As the top full service sign shop for non-illuminated building signs for Orlando, we do not believe in taking a cookie cutter approach on any project. We understand that the signs we produce must be as unique as the clients we are designing them for.

Our professionals are happy to answer any questions you may have. As part of the sign making process, we get a good understanding of the vision you have for your new sign, your marketing approach, and your current branding elements by performing a site survey during an initial consultation. Using the measurements we take, we can make a fact based recommendation for what marker will work best for reaching your target audience. We then fabricate and install your new dimensional letter sign.

If you are ready to get started, contact Citrus Sign Studio for a free no-strings-attached consultation!

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