It’s almost 2017, and we’re excited about how retail stores in Orlando can engage with community in the coming year. We want to help brick-and-mortar retail businesses grow! While trends suggest that many consumers are going online for retail purchases, and for research on retail products, the occurrences of “locations near me” search queries are more frequent, suggesting a trend toward local shopping.

This means that your retail store in Orlando needs to work harder than ever to stand out and attract local attention. So, let’s look at some ways interior and exterior retail signs will give your storefront the leg-up it needs.

Upgrade your store’s exterior retail signs

When potential customers walk by your storefront, you have a chance to prove that you offer both a unique value and a compelling customer experience. Show off your branding with striking exterior signage and let customers know you care about both your products and their needs. Some ideas include updating monument signs, re-imagining your window decal signage, and installing illuminated signs for shoppers who are out after dusk. (Read more about illuminated signs for retail stores in Orlando here.)

Beyond attracting new customers, you also want to have a welcoming appearance that will keep them coming back. Keeping signage up-to-date and well maintained is crucial to staying relevant to your consumers. If your signage is in need of maintenance or repair, take a look at our past maintenance work and get in touch.

Wayfinding with your unique brand

Getting customers into your retail store isn’t the only hurdle. As you know, helping them find the best products for their needs is crucial. But wayfinding and POS signage are not just for utility; they can reflect your retail branding and help build atmosphere, creating a unique consumer experience. That’s what will keep customers coming back!

Use window & floor decals to build store atmosphere

Beyond wayfinding signage, you can use decal interior signage to draw attention to your retail store’s deals and departments. Grab the attention of potential customers who are along-for-the-ride with friends or family by advertising unusual specials or products with floor decals. While their eyes stray, you can invigorate their interest!

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Get ahead of the trend with digital retail signage

Digital signage uses brilliant LED technology to bring your words and images to life. With changing screens, motion, and the ability to update over time, digital signs are a fantastic investment for the New Year. Along with a comprehensive marketing strategy, your digital signage will set your Orlando retail store apart from the others.

Thanks for reading our tips for your Orlando retail store in 2017. Citrus Sign Studio is your Orlando signage company. If you are looking to work with a comprehensive, marketing-focused sign company, get a free quote today!