Lobby signs, commonly called reception area or waiting rooms signs, are beneficial to any kind of company or organization. Whether you operate an auto showroom, retail storefront, hair or nail salon, or professional offices, reception area signs are an excellent option for inviting clients in and putting empty walls to good use. To build your brand, Citrus Sign Studio manufactures and installs custom lobby signs Orlando will remember.

Lobby Sign Options

We work with you from design to installation to produce reception area signs you are happy with. The reception area signs Orlando enterprises ask for most are:

Acrylic Logo Panels

Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs Orlando

Clear acrylic panels are a favorite with digital logos and letters applied to the face. The panel is mounted with standoffs to create a three dimensional appearance. With routed acrylic panels, any shape or size can be attained. Also, you can pick from many different thicknesses. Consider layering panels for a huge impact.

Metal Laminate Letters

Metal Laminate Letter Lobby Signs Atlanta

When you choose metal laminate letters, you get the chic metal look without the price of lettering made entirely of a real metal alloy. We fabricate these letters by adding a thin layer of metal laminate to acrylic, PVC, foam, or other substrate. Each letter is then routed out to produce your business’s logo or font. Metal laminate can be made in several different colors.

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic Letter Lobby Signs

Acrylic letters continue to be a favorite option for indoor signs. You can pick from the 30 or so shiny and attractive standard colors we offer, or we can custom paint your letters to match your branding. In addition, your letters and logo can be custom cut to any height, width, or depth.

Foam Letters

Foam Letter Lobby Signs

If you want your lobby sign lettering to have depth, foam letters are the way to go. For a classy look, we can add acrylic faces. Or, we can customize it with a digitally printed face. Foam is prized for its flexibility and for being eco-friendly despite being relatively new to the signage industry.

Why Lobby Signs Are a Must

If you run a company, take a few minutes to appraise your reception and entrance areas. If you are like most businesses, you have a plant or two and some neutral framed paintings. When people first come to your building, are they able to find your enterprise’s information? Or, are they forced to ask if they are in the right place? Lobby and reception area signs can help remedy this situation. Consider these benefits of lobby signs if you are still on the fence:

  • With information heavy graphics and letters, you can showcase your accolades
  • Provide directional cues if you have several departments
  • If your fellow tenants do not have reception area signs, you will be setting your suite apart
  • The areas you serve can be represented visually
  • Help define what makes your company different with lobby signs featuring mottos and slogans
  • Put customers at ease by displaying your professionalism

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