From enticing prospecting candidates to set foot inside the office and acquiring interested leads to creating the right connection with their property buyers, realtors have to do it all to survive and prosper in today’s highly competitive market. Since marketing themselves is a crucial element of a realtor’s business, a lot of planning and attention needs to go into their business signs. Even for an established name that has extension plans on the anvil, proper branding and signage is the key to make it a success. That’s exactly what Jeeves Realty needed from Citrus Sign Studio. And our experts helped them in just the right way.

The Client
Jeeves Realty has become synonymous with professionals who help find vacationers luxury homes in Orlando. Their team of dedicated real estate professionals offers a wealth of knowledge in renting, selling and buying Orlando’s top vacation homes. Their latest expansion in real estate sales was aimed at making the most of their real estate expertise and to help people find the best property suiting their individual needs. No matter whether their clients needed a re-sale or new home, or were looking for vacant land to construct their dream homes, the realty division of the company always extends a helping hand to make matters sail through with ease. With their newly started realty division focused on realty sales and expansion of their brand at their current offices, Jeeves Realty needed help with their new office space branding to impart a refreshing, bold look. And that’s where the team of Citrus Sign Studio stepped in.

The Process

Since Jeeves Realty already had their logo and business signs, our job was to create a custom design that would be placed on their office glass doors and glass walls to help in branding and get them noticed in a sea of realtors. Our client brief was to create a real estate sign that would work for the business around the clock and help them promote their services at a glance.

For the business signs colors, we decided to play with the shades of blue. While the symbol of the rising sun above the name “Jeeves” was kept in light blue, we added some much needed contrast in dark blue for “Realty” placed just below. With white being the chosen font color, the client’s name and their logo was clearly visible even from a distance.

For the main entrance, we used a light blue background, making sure every element of the business sign was noticeable. To heighten the impact, we decided to put action-inducing texts on the doors – “Trust The Experts” on one, and the client’s phone number and website on the other.

For the side walls of the office, we agreed to use the glassy background in the middle to put the name of Jeeves Realty together with its rising sun logo, with the side walls on both sides putting up a customer-friendly face with texts in white colors against a light blue backdrop saying “Real estate questions?” on one and “We have answers.” on the other.


Once the business signs and other pieces for branding were finalized and designed, we fabricated them and our expert installers finished the installation job with top-notch quality and speed.