Hotel lobby signs are essential for your hotel’s branding, atmosphere, and for making sure the right information is readily available to your guests. From the wall signs behind your hotel lobby’s desk to the directional signs that let your guests know how to find their room, great hotel lobby signs combine functionality with style, letting guests know that they are in good hands.

What to Include in Your Hotel Lobby Signs

Hotel lobby signs can easily give too little or too much information. You want to give your guests a sense of comfort and trust while enhancing the aesthetic of your hotel’s interior design. The best lobby sign is the one that guests find, and use, intuitively without even thinking about it. Striking a balance between communicating information and developing your brand is essential.

The first challenge to getting a customer is getting them through the door. Once they enter your lobby, maximize the fact that you have their full attention by promoting other services and amenities you have available. Here are some of the signs we recommend, based on our marketing experience:

  • Loyalty Rewards & Discounts
  • Amenities
  • Events and Upcoming Conferences
  • Entertainment Available
  • Nearby Events & Attractions
  • Location of Restrooms, Elevators, and Refreshments

Branding & Local Appeal for Hotel Signs

Many hotels keep their branding the same across all locations. The result is that no matter what location they visit, guests have similar experiences across the board. For each hotel location, however, a healthy mix of branded material and local flair will give customers something unique to appreciate.

Try including local maps and featured events in the area in your hotel signs. Common needs can be addressed with simple directional signage, which can include local points of interest.

Hotel Wall Signs & Graphics

The most apparent signs in a hotel lobby are often the wall signs and wall graphics. They let your guests know they have arrived, where to check in, and can make a statement about your hotel’s atmosphere. Whether your hotel is sleek and modern, family oriented, or casual and hip, your wall signs and graphics introduce guests to your hotel experience.

These are the signs guests notice first, so it’s important to start on the right foot. Beyond the hotel name and tagline, feature an ad for your hotel’s restaurant or bar.

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Directional Signs & Hotel Guest Experience

As your guests move beyond the front desk, it’s important not to assume they have everything they need. Hotel lobby signs are resources for you guests. Include signs telling them where the elevators are located, where restrooms are located, and how to find the restaurant, if applicable.

It might seem obvious to a hotel owner or manager that you take a left down the hall to find a restroom, but by going out of your way to provide detailed information, you give guests an informational crutch and make it easy for them to navigate your hotel without even realizing it!

Hotel Digital Signage

Digital signage has a long list of advantages, and it’s easy to start small. Because digital signs are cheap to update, they can showcase seasonal offerings or advertise special rates or events. This means an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With interactive digital signage, you can give guests control over local maps, reservation check-ins, and checking out. Some hotels even feature a digital concierge, which gives guests added options for finding out about local establishments.

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