Is your Orlando-based restaurant ready for the holiday season with holiday signs and decor?

The holiday season can be busy, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring in new business and increase the number of happy customers who come back to your restaurant. Interior signs can energize your ambiance, and any holiday changes you make will signal to your returning customers that you care about their experience.

For restaurants, great holiday décor can range from placing a wreath on the door, wrapping all the artwork in gift wrap, or even having an employee dress as Santa Claus on certain days. It depends on the kind of restaurant you run.

Common restaurant signage include table top displays, hanging signs, window signs and more. If you know that you are interested in holiday signage, let’s talk about the details in your free quote.  

Holiday Interior Signage & Décor Ideas for Orlando Restaurants


Window decals

Window decals are easily visible to passers-by and can attract new business. Theme yours for the holidays and advertise your restaurant’s gift cards. If you are running a discount or looking for reservations on specific holidays, let your customers know.

Chalkboard signs

Chalkboard signs are an exciting trend in restaurant signage to create a welcoming, chic atmosphere; make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to bring customers into your restaurant. By including a holiday themed border or having a gifted artist you know pull holiday décor into the display, you will let passers-by know that you care about the holidays just as much as they do.

Table Top Displays

Whether you utilize host podium space, centerpiece table space throughout your dining room, or you run a buffet, table top displays add holiday cheer. A small tree, candle display, or faux wrapped presentslook great. You could also bring in some pine cones and holly to bring nature into the dining space.

Guest Check Holder Ad

When your guests receive their check, reinforce the holiday spirit with a striking, well-designed sheet in the check holder. If you have a holiday gift card or other offer, this is a great place to remind them to come back throughout the season.

Themed Placemats

If your restaurant stocks and uses placemats, consider switching your usual placemats out with bold or elegant holiday accents.

Set up a 3-D display.

Use that extra corner or wall space to set up a display themed for any holidays you and your customers celebrate. Your display will stand out as soon as customers walk inside, and give them a feeling of holiday cheer.

Update Menu Boards

If you have a menu board in your Orlando area restaurant, you have many options. Investing in a holiday themed full re-design with graphics throughout your menu will let customers know the holidays really matter to you and your employees. Or, you can add accents to your existing menu board by bordering it with wreaths, holly, or stringed lights.


Hang wreaths on your doors, a host podium, or even behind your bar. If you are going all-out with your holiday décor, you can place them strategically throughout your restaurant.


Banners are an eye-catching option that can do multiple jobs. They can show that you care about the holidays and your community while advertising for discount deals, desired reservation dates, and remind your customers about gift cards.

White lighting and light ropes

White lighting is an elegant way to show that you care about the holidays. Because they make great accent lights, they can stand alone, or be used to call attention to your host podium, bar, or menu preview stand.

Digital signs

A smart, modern choice that can change with the holidays. As they run by, you can theme your advertisements or way finding signs to show your holiday spirit.

Need see some examples of different types of interior signage while you brainstorm? Check out our interior sign gallery. Or even, better, call us and we’ll help develop a unique idea to promote your business!