Signage can offer a huge benefit for your business this holiday season. In retail, for instance, 50% of in-store shoppers walk in because of signage, according to Signs are a powerful tool for all kinds of businesses. This holiday season, make sure your local Orlando business signs are updated and eye-catching; not just out front, but also inside where customers or clients will see them. Lets take a look at some traditional and non-traditional signage ideas for your local business.

Types of Interior Holiday Signage

Traditional holiday signage is tried and true. These are the most common ways all kinds of local businesses can attract new customers, connect with current customers and clients, and drive sales. Check out our interior signage page for even more ideas.

  • Window signs: Your window signs will attract customers by advertising sales or discounts, showing that you are invested in the holiday season, and building brand trust.
  • Banners: Call attention to specific deals, highlight seasonal items or services, or simply celebrate the nearest holiday with a simple banner.
  • Show off your local community contributions: Use signage to show your customers or clients that you care about the community you both live in. This is a great way to build holiday spirit and connect with your customers or clients.
  • Display charity contributions: If you give to charities or offer your customers the chance to give to charities this holiday season, use additional signage to keep your customers informed. Giving is part of the holidays.
  • Include holiday gift sections: It’s not enough to arrange a collection of great gift ideas. An effective display will use holiday themed signs to announce how great your products and services really are.
  • Direct customers with style: Whether you want to guide customers to your office, or you have a storefront and you’re running item-specific discounts, your customers need to know where to go! Help them out and make them feel excited to do business with you by using seasonal directional signage.

Creative Holiday Marketing Ideas

If you really want to attract new attention and make your customer experience unique this holiday season, try some of these less traditional ideas:

  • Offer a snack or warm beverage station: Who can resist hot chocolate and cookies? A holiday sign display and snack station will, if positioned correctly, grab those passers-by and turn them into customers. It will also make your current customers or clients feel cared-for.
  • Include a word-of-mouth incentive: Your happy customers can spread the word for you when you offer a discount referral incentive for family and friends. Your customers will feel more connected to your business, bringing them back throughout the holiday season, with an innovative sale program, advertised with the right signage.
  • Display 3-D Cutouts: Tired of simple holiday decorations? A large 3-D cutout will grab attention and brighten your customers’ holiday shopping experience. Display snowflakes, reindeer, stars, and more!
  • Utilize digital signs: If you have digital signs, update them with holiday themed details and sale advertisements. If you haven’t yet tried digital signage, this is a great time to get on board and use a signage option that can change with the seasons.
  • Seasonal floor decals: Floor decals boost your visibility and can either clue shoppers in to specific offers or reinforce your business’s holiday theme. Grab your customers’ attention while they walk through, even if they are looking down!

Thank you for reading through our holiday sign ideas.

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