Dimensional Letter Building Signs OrlandoWith their affordability and variety of options, dimensional letter building signs in Orlando are quickly becoming the marker of choice for business owners, property managers, and building leasing companies. There are a wide selection of typefaces, materials, colors, and sizes you can choose from. In addition, they can be custom manufactured to keep your branding consistent. Thankfully, Citrus Sign Studio is one of the top providers of dimensional letters in the Greater Orlando area.

Dimensional Letter Sign Solutions

Based on what best suits your purposes, there are a broad range of letter materials we can supply your company with. We get the most requests for:

Wood Letters

Any kind of hard or soft wood can be used to create wood letters, which create a natural wood feel to complement your building’s setting. We usually suggest mahogany, cherry, alder, maple, pine, or walnut. Medium density fiber board can be painted any color you need if you are looking for a temporary exterior signage alternative. Wood laminate letters are also available. These are often bonded with a PVC substrate.

Metal Letters

Foam Dimensional Letter Building Signs OrlandoMetal laminate and aluminum letters are the two main kinds of metal lettering. Flat cut aluminum letters can be up to half an inch thick, and we can use your vector art file to cut them to your font of choice. We coat, polish, or brush your cut letters with a polyurethane enamel of any color. The dimensional appearance comes from the spacers we use to mount the finished letters.

Metal laminate letters are perfect for getting the rich look of a metal sign without spending an arm and a leg. Anodized aluminum is bonded to acrylic, Gatorfoam, or PVC. By painting the edge a metallic color, we simulate a solid metal appearance.

Foam Letters

Painted HDU, or high density urethane, is a great alternative for dimensional letter building signs in Orlando, where extreme weather is a concern. It is resistant to rotting and moisture and will not crack in the harsh elements. These letters get their color from high quality outdoor paint. They can also receive acrylic or aluminum laminates and achieve a thickness of three inches.

Plastic Letters

Metal Dimensional Letter Building Signs OrlandoIf you are seeking a professional look for your exterior signs, flat cut acrylic letters are a smart choice. When we install your flat cut markers, the dimensionality comes from our standoff mounting. Or, we can apply acrylic as a laminate on foam or PVC substrates. PVC on its own is often used for dimensional letters, since it can be painted whatever hues you want.

To make your exterior markers visible after dark, you should strongly consider spotlighting if you are open at night. We can help clients find you at any time of the day by installing eco-friendly, low maintenance, and energy efficient LED lights.

Do all of these options have you scratching your head in confusion? Don’t worry! Our friendly experts can make recommendations for your business based on your budget, vision, and a site survey. To get started, contact Citrus Sign Studio today!

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