Some may call wall murals an archaic type of advertising but when it comes to marketing your business in a slightly different way, it could become an extremely effective tool in your marketing arsenal. With modern technology that can make wall graphics and murals withstand elements for years and thus help them last longer, together with ensuring their faster, more effective installations, many businesses these days are choosing them for their branding solutions. When UK-based Ocean Florida decided to open a Welcome Center in Orlando, they wanted to take brand elements from their UK office and bring them to the States, which they wanted to be used in their business signs as well as for indoor branding. And this was where Citrus Sign Studio was called upon to handle the job to perfection.

The client

Being the #1 independent Florida specialist of the UK, Ocean Florida has been in business for more than 12 years and has helped over 250,000 vacationers in the Sunshine State of Florida. When these expert holiday planners decide to set up shop in Orlando and open a Welcome Center, they wanted their UK brand elements to be in this newly opened space a standing testimony to their brand value and robust reputation in the travel industry.

The process and installation

The first step was to create an intricately cut vinyl wall decal of US travel sites. Since it was a very complex design that needed to be cut to perfection, a lot of time and effort was spent to get it right to scale. Due to the design’s complexity, weeding where the excess vinyl (the decal’s negative space) is removed by hand was again an extremely tedious and time-consuming process.

Finally, it needed a whopping 60 man hours to complete the cutting and weeding of Ocean Florida’s delicate and complex design to perfection as per the client’s specifications.

The ocean landscape was then transferred to the indoor of the Welcome Center and a huge 11ft x 32ft wall mural came to life. Well-crafted wall murals are known to make an otherwise-ordinary wall livelier and that’s exactly what happened with the Welcome Center’s reservation area. The mural not only helped in Ocean Florida’s business branding but even completely transformed the entire reservation area.

Citrus Sign Studio created a wall mural for Ocean Florida, which would help them get more attention to their brand.

We also designed and installed wall graphics depicting the logo and our client’s name for internal branding.

For business signs on the glass door entrance, we took the company’s logo, gave it a slight angular twist and made sure the business name and working hours (together with a contact number for any emergency beyond office hours) were clearly visible to anyone passing by.