When you sell coffee but your business is much more than it and envelops the entire community, your business sign need to be bold and targeted to complement your overall brand identity. Any custom exterior signage demands that time be spent to understand the client’s business and their exact needs, but when a business has several aspects and it just isn’t about selling a product but creating a big impact on many people and uniting the community for a worthy cause, the responsibility of crafting the right signage and branding increases. This was exactly what happened when CREDO entrusted Citrus Sign Studio with their business signs requirements.

The client
Meaning. Impact. Community. – These are the three pillars driving CREDO. The company doesn’t just sell coffee. Instead, it goes much beyond and does a lot to create a real difference in people’s lives and the community as a whole. Unlike big names in the coffee industry who ride on the humble pickers’ backs to make their profits, CREDO supports local growers producing great coffee and helps them and their families along with their friends and villages by leveraging its sale. As a commitment to its customers, CREDO roasts its coffee right downtown in small batches to ensure its freshness and quality. CREDO also brings people and communities together by getting them involved in creative and impactful activities to solve real problems and create a life of meaning. CREDO’s brief to us was to create bold, impactful business signs that would help in their branding and also create a sense of place to bring forward their impact on the community.

The process
It was a three-pronged job.

Coffee cart

By wrapping Wheelys bike-powered coffee cart in CREDO’s business signs, which was then positioned outside Orlando Pride soccer games, we were able to help our client reach a lot of people and entice them into buying a cup, thus starting the conversation and encouraging them to explore more about the brand.

Florida Hospital

The aim was to make the client’s business visible to the locals and passers-by, which would help them come closer and know about the “name your price” coffee menu where customers are asked how much they would want to pay for the coffee.

We designed the huge window graphics, using individual letter cut outs to spell the client’s name, which made it easy for anyone passing by to take note of the exterior signage.

For the glass entrance doors, we used a rectangular, staircase styled outline that encircled the client’s name and logo, under which the business hours were clearly mentioned to help patrons and other interested people plan their visit and purchase.

North Quarter Market

This was similar to what we did for the store near Florida Hospital. The only difference was the comparatively smaller size of the exterior signage. Here again, we designed the client’s name and logo for the glass façade, which was noticeable both upfront and from a distance, with the business hours clearly mentioned on the glass door beside it.

At all three places, our custom business signs helped in making people aware of CREDO, thus boosting its branding and helping it to claim its own unique space in the community by drawing attention to its string of varied activities.


Our expert installers helped in the safe, speedy installation of CREDO’s exterior signage at both Florida Hospital and the North Quarter Market, thus ensuring our client was ready to reap the benefits of its bold, new signage that gave its branding a sure shot boost.