There’s no denying the fact that business signage can act as a powerful advertising tool to help your business succeed. Exterior signage that matches your corporate personality and reciprocates your mission and vision make people aware of your offerings and create a visual impact on your potential customers. This, in turn, can entice them to step inside your brick-and-mortar store, which could lead to more sales. It has been often seen that unique, eye-catching business signage not only succeeds in making the business popular and talked about but even helps in its branding. When Bubble and Co. needed exterior signage to grab attention on International Drive, they entrusted us at Citrus Sign Studio to do the job.

business signage

The client – Bubble and Co.

Bubble and Co. is a pioneering, eco-conscious bubble tea bar that offers an extensive variety of freshly made beverages and treats in a welcoming and fun atmosphere. At Bubble and Co. you’ve got a place where you can come to unwind and be immersed in the aroma of fragrant tea, sweet pastries and coffee.  The company’s signature items are Bubble Waffles and Bubble Tea that use fresh and all-natural ingredients. This eco-conscious company uses biodegradable take-out products such as paper boxes, plant-based cups, and straws to contribute toward environmental conservation and to protect Mother Earth. It even sources its materials from local vendors to keep its carbon footprint minimal. With its location on International Drive, Bubble and Co. needed to be noticed by its potential customers. The company wanted well-crafted business signage that would contribute to its branding and help it achieve this goal. And that’s when our experts at Citrus Sign Studio came into the picture.

Project execution

The tagline of Bubble and Co. is: Let Bubble bring out the fun in you!

This innovative bubble tea bar had a chic, fun, and sophisticated brand image and needed exterior signage to match this business persona. At the same time, it wanted to get noticed on International Drive – right in the heart of the tourist corridor, by making people aware of this new bubble tea concept. When designing its business signage, we decided to stick to the style that the company uses for its name and logo as featured on its website. Our aim was to design unique exterior signage to match the company’s branding and get it noticed on International Drive.

business signage

We used bold, raised lettering in golden color and paid attention to every small detail – right from the horseshoe-shaped ‘U’ in Bubble to the large-sized ‘O’ in Co. and more.

business signage

We even designed signs for its glass windows to showcase its key offerings – waffle, tea, and coffee. Once we finished designing the business signage and window signage, our experienced installers got them installed quickly.