Church signages are an important means of communication with your church’s existing and potential members, as well as your greater community. By putting up welcoming exterior signage and graphics in your church, you can create an inviting environment for potential members and casual visitors, and make everyone (including your existing members) feel they belong. But designing a church signage is different from doing one for businesses. The right signs can help a church’s work in many ways – from making people aware of it and helping to acquire members, to bringing communities together and promoting various missions. When Kensington Church needed exterior signage for its brand new meeting space in the Tri City Center in Winter Garden spread across 2,500 sq. ft, they turned to Citrus Sign Studio for it.

Church signage

The Client: Kensington Church

It was in September of 2010 when Kensington Orlando threw its doors at West Orange High School open as a campus of Kensington Church, which started its journey in Michigan in 1991. In the course of its journey of trial and errors, the Church has learned what matters most, thanks to God’s grace. With its steadily growing reach and followers, Kensington Church got itself a new, expansive meeting space in the Tri-City Shopping Center, for which it needed a couple of custom exterior signages. Citrus Sign Studio came into the picture to help Kensington Church with the design, fabrication and installation of their exterior signage and pylon sign graphics.

church signage

The Process

Kensington Church’s exterior signage wasn’t just for making it look good. It needed to play a three-pronged role – grab attention, make people aware, and encourage them to visit the meeting space and get involved in some way or the other.  The people in charge of managing various aspects of Kensington Church considered how they could implement the exterior signage to benefit their work and their congregation, and decided they needed a few directional signs along with a wall mounted church signage.

church signage

We designed pylon sign graphics to be put up on the Tri City Center billboard that displayed the name and logo of Kensington.

church signage.

Our turn-key solution for the building sign had the name Kensington in bright, bold, capital letters with the K featuring the church’s bright orange and white color scheme.

church signage

After the designs were finalized, we fabricated the church signs. Our professional installers took it from there to install the signs with precision and high quality workmanship.

church signs

Being allowed to help Kensington Church made us feel as if we too had played a small role in its journey of touching upon and transforming lives. As the church continues building communities and changing lives by spreading love and generosity and mobilizing God’s people, we hope the exterior signages we crafted for them would help them reach out to people and communities, and make them aware of their services and events.