Black Friday is almost here, and we’re down to the wire on getting your retail store ready for massive sales numbers. Still, we have some last-minute ideas for how signage can help you this year, or in years to come.

Gift Guide Posters and Flyers:

A gift guide is a smart way to educate customers about your products, while highlighting how much they can save. Use a well-designed flyer to highlight big savings and generate interest.

Display large posters and banner signs in-store so that when your customers show up on Black Friday, they recognize the deals they are looking for. Break up the deals by section, so that there is visual representation in each department.

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Direct Your Retail Customers to the Savings:

Temporary wayfinding signs can let your customers know where to go for savings. A Black Friday directory will let them know how to find the deals they know about, and discover new gifts to purchase. Use wall graphics and arrows to guide them to various departments, showcase specific deals, and carry their interest as they move throughout your store.

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Boost Black Friday Sale Awareness:

Make sure that your customers know your store is open and running major sales during Black Friday. Window signs are a perfect way to let potential customers know about your sales even if they are just passing by. Banner signs are another way to alert your customers to your Black Friday deals without having a permanent display. Store them and use them again next year!

Update Digital Signage for Retail Sales:

If your retail store has digital signage, don’t forget to update your displays on Black Friday. Use digital signs to call attention to your biggest discounts, and the items you want to sell the most during the holidays.

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Last-minute Black Friday Tips for Retailers:

Have you done everything you can to ensure that this year means big in-store sales? Here are some last-minute tips that could boost your numbers:

  • Send out an email announcement that includes your gift guide.
  • Promote daily on social media.
  • Arrange your store by sale section, establishing a walking path for customers.
  • Keep your big deals in separate areas so customers see everything you have to offer.
  • Use a section of the front of your store to display gift ideas and smaller sale items.

Thanks for reading our Black Friday signage ideas!

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