New Year’s Eve is a big night for your Orlando restaurant, and we want to help you make the night as profitable as possible. As Orlando’s best sign company, we’re here to give you some marketing tips for your restaurant to bring in the New Year.

1. Prepare for a crowd

Whether you have a small dining area and bar or you run a two-floor restaurant, you’re looking to have a full house on New Year’s Eve. It might not seem like a marketing point, but planning for a crowd will maximize customer comfort and let your customers know there’s plenty of space for them to celebrate the new year. Create an experience that guests want to share so that you continue to draw New Year’s crowds year after year.

You probably already know that it’s essential to bring out your restaurant’s best staff, and with extra backup. But you can also streamline your interior space by reorganizing for more standing room. It’s just one night, so don’t overlook ways to utilize floor space. It can be useful to move cocktail tables toward walls and dividers, and to keep large, medium, and small tables organized in well-divided sections for optimal walking space.

2. Highlight your restaurant’s food specials

Print and advertise a new menu. With a few bar food and dinner specials, you will let customers know that you’re planning something big this New Year’s Eve. If you really want to attract dinner guests, offer a chef-created three-course meal. This will simplify your kitchen while giving guests an exquisite dining experience.

Then, advertise specials with interior signs and windows signage. Current customers and word-of-mouth are great ways to ensure that the crowds show up to your restaurant on New Year’s Eve.

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3. Highlight drink specials

Another essential New Year’s Eve idea is to offer and market a special drink menu, even if your restaurant doesn’t have a cocktail menu normally. With a collection of cocktail specials, your customers will get excited about bringing in the New Year. Advertise with temporary interior signs that bring your current customers back. Also, make sure you promote specials on social media.

4. Promote events

Events increase your restaurant’s ability to bring people out on New Year’s Eve. The type of event depends on your branding and atmosphere, but think about Karaoke, a DJ, or a live musician. They can bring in business and let your customers know you put thought into what they want for entertainment. Then, market your event with promotional posters, window decals, and announcements online. Also, make sure your staff is talking to customers about your event and specials!

Thanks for reading our restaurant marketing tips for New Year’s Eve.

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