Office Wall Murals Orlando FLYou might be surprised to find out that many of the murals you see in retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses were not painted on by an artist. Instead, companies are turning to sign shops for the fabrication and installation of digitally-printed vinyl wall murals. But, how is that even possible? How are vinyl wall murals made? We’re glad you asked since that is the topic of today’s blog entry.

We Begin with a Free Initial Consultation

We prefer to visit local customers whenever possible, even though we do accept orders with accurate measurements over the phone or via the internet. We talk with you about the kind of mural you want for your venue during the client consultation. We review any artwork or images you may have for inclusion in the graphics. We also take measurements of the wall at this time.

If you have areas that call for cutouts, such as light switches, doorways, or windows, we make note of this. We even take measurements of the distances from windows on other walls to the target wall. By getting the depth of the room, we can get a good idea of how we should size different style elements within the mural.

Preparing Graphics for Printing

Wall Murals in Orlando FLWe already know the image you want to feature based on the choice of artwork discussed in the initial consultation. Next, we have to work with the image to ensure that cutouts are not located at important parts of the design. Our graphic designers make certain that when you want to enlarge a photo the overall size of the style elements will not overwhelm the room.

We incorporate any color enhancements you want once we are happy with the setting and sizing of the graphics. For instance, some customers request a gray scale appearance with just one color standing out while others like the idea of picking a black-and-white display. Before we do any printing, we supply you with a proof that shows any enhancements we may have made to the artwork you provided to us. When this is approved, we use our wide-format digital printer to print your new wall mural on top-quality vinyl films manufactured for wall installations.

Office Wall Murals OrlandoWe Work with Your Schedule for Installation

When choosing the right day and time for installation, our team works with your schedule. We want to cause as little disruption to your organization as possible. We prepare the wall for the process on the appointed day. For this step, we have to carefully clean the surface. We then install the graphics one panel at a time. Matching each seam correctly takes the touch of our experts. We want it to look like you have a one-piece installation.

We clean up once we are done with the process and leave your venue with a new mural that can totally change the environment of your building. Now that you know how the best wall murals in Orlando, FL are made, why not contact our specialists today to discuss the design of new wall graphics for your enterprise?

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