Custom business signage for a staffing company helps it in two ways. First, it attracts employers, who may hire the company to meet their staffing needs – be it for a full-time worker or a part-time employee. Secondly, it grabs the attention of jobseekers, who may enroll for its services to land the ideal job that matches their qualifications and/or experience and offers them the right pay package. At the same time, a creative and unique outdoor business signage can also help in branding by making people aware of the business (especially, when a company is setting up a shop in a new location) and creating a brand connection. When LaborMAX Staffing was opening a new staffing office in Orlando, it needed business signage to drum up some publicity and get noticed along the Orange Blossom Trail (OBT) corridor. In stepped the experts of Citrus Sign Studio to help the company achieve its objectives.

Business Signage

Client – LaborMAX Staffing

LaborMAX Staffing is a provider of pre-screened, high-quality contingent workers. Annually, 10,000 customers are served by LaborMAX Staffing services. The company puts around 20,000 people to work through its 40+ branches located across 14 states. Since 2002, LaborMAX Staffing, which is a privately operated and owned company, has been providing quality workers with outstanding service to different employers. The needs of its customers are extremely diverse and can vary from a solitary highly skilled direct hire to several temporary workers for half a day. When LaborMAX planned a new staffing office in Orlando, it needed new business signage that would help it stand out from the crowd and get noticed along the busy Orange Blossom Trail (OBT) corridor. The company entrusted the job to Citrus Sign Studio.

Project execution

Our brief was to create MAX sign for MAX staffing. LaborMAX wanted it’s business signage to be big enough to make sure it was noticeable even from a distance. The company also needed the sign to be illuminated so that people passing by would notice it even when it was dark.

Business Signage

Once we understood what the client needed, we started to work. For the business signage, we used the logo, colors, and lettering style that the company used on its website. For the outdoor sign, we used a red background, against which LaborMAX Staffing was written in big, bold letters using black, yellow, and white colors. With a blend of capital and small letters, the sign was easily noticeable and readable even from a distance, which was exactly what the client needed to grab attention along the busy OBT corridor.

Since we made provisions for this business signage to be illuminated in the dark, it helped in the company’s branding round the clock. Once the sign was fabricated, our expert installers got it installed at the building’s entrance.