Best Signs for Restaurant Marketing

The restaurant industry can be an extremely tough business to be in, according to Intuit restaurants have a 20% success rate! The industry is competitive on all levels: small restaurants have to make a name for themselves against larger restaurant chains; franchise owners are part of a larger brand but still have to stand out; and everyone is dealing with customer reviews on Yelp, online marketing, and in general, trying to get more traffic through the door.  While the task of increasing foot traffic to your restaurant can be daunting, having a sign is one of the main ways to attract customers to your establishment.

There are several different types of signs that can help bring in customers and choosing the right one depends on various factors including the type of restaurant and target demographic. To help you, here is a list of the best signs to advertise your restaurant:


Ideal for: Bars, coffee shops, small restaurants

  • Great for restaurants with little to no advertising space or storefront
  • Effective at displaying events, promotions, slogans, messages, specials, deals for potential customers walking by store
  • Can be strategically placed on sidewalks outside the restaurant to grab the attention of people walking by
  • Easily portable and don’t take up much storage space
  • Inexpensive and ideal for small budget advertising
  • A cost effective solution for regularly updating with monthly specials or offers

Window Signs

Ideal for: Any restaurant with window-filled storefronts


Wall Murals

Ideal for: Restaurants that cater to a niche demographic

  • Gives your restaurant a personal and creative touch to establish your vibe and atmosphere
  • Custom murals can display art which can cater to a certain niche demographic or audience
  • Can also be used to display products, Illustrate the restaurant’s history, or give a visual representation of the restaurant’s culture
  • When placed strategically, a wall mural can be used to “Wow” visitors and entice them to come in

Building Signage/Shopping Center Signage

Ideal for:

In Summary

To conclude, if you want a sign that will save you money and storage space then an A-Frame sign is the solution. An A-Frame sign can be placed outside of your establishment or along the sidewalk where there is a ton of foot traffic. Window signs are good for promoting your business from a distance while enhancing the style of the restaurant’s exterior.

Lastly, Wall Murals can be a way to fill up blank space in your restaurant with art, a logo, or any graphics that can set the ambience of the room. Any of these signage options can help your business get attention, increase foot traffic and cater to your target audience.

Looking for signage for your restaurant?

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